Albertville Friendly City Days 2009

The boys and I took in some of the fun events happening in Albertville for Friendly City days (Earl was up north taking care of the animals for his parents while they were on a motorcycle trip)

Waiting for the Fireworks to start

Culver's picnic while we wait

WOW! Fireworks. I love them in their jammies - even if Carson are mis matched and too small. Dayne is wonderind "huh?"

See - we are watching fireworks


I, right?

Random girl and Carson at the Fire Station open house (don't touch my kid with your balloon princess)

Driving the fire truck

Where's Dayne?

A beautful day for a picnic

The firemen had free hotdogs, chips and rootbeer floats

too cute!

Walking to the carnival Carson saw this statue of Mary and children praying so he wanted to stop and pray

I asked if he was going to be a priest and he said "maybe not, but I know alot about God"

Playing at Toddler Town

My monkey climbing the slide

Look at my cool hair

and my cat face paint




Dayne getting some water

want some of my sucker?

sticky baby

Carson doing the tractor pull. Dear Tractor pull people - could you please class by weight and not age as my 7 year old only weighs 40 pounds!

making our way to the car - Dayne's shirt was so wet I just took it off

tired baby

and out

taking a break at home to play in the new "waterpark"

Cub scout ready for the parade

silly boy

He sat so good through the whole 2 hour parade

scouts lined up to get some candy

Dayne clapping for a great float

nothing like a cold popcicle on a hot day

and playing it like a clairanet

If you want attention at a parade wear your princess dress. Every queen that went by (like 2 dozen of them) gave her special attention

Carson checking his candy out

want my sucker?

Scouts gearing up to join the parade

he's out of the stroller - free!

Here go the scouts!

Have fun Carson

While the scouts walked the parade and back we waited. Thanks to these girls for entertaining Dayne!