Adoption Talk Girls at MOA

About a year ago I found a website that had a great bunch of ladies that were involved with adoption. Over the course of the year we have become a "family" that has supported each other while we wait and after we have had the placement of a child. My dear friend Emily was in the Minneapolis area from her home in Iowa. With her were her husband, Jake, and their new baby Asher. Asher was placed with them in February. As fate would have it another Michelle in St. Michael is also on the AT Board! She and her husband have an adopted son, David, who will be 2 in July. We all met up at MOA for a day of fun and then met the daddy's for dinner. The next night everyone join at our house for more fun! It was so fun to meet "live and in person!"


Emily taking Carson photo at Lego Land

Carson at Lego Land

SpongeBob says Hi to David

Hi Sponge Bob

How cool is this?! A changing table in the Carter store at MOA

Asher our new friend from Iowa

Carson checking out Lego Land from above

Michelle N. with David, Emily, Asher and Carson

Carson and Emily at Kokomo's

and switch

our cute little girl!

and boy

and girl

Emily holding Dayne

Carson with his new Lego

Emily holding Dayne, Jake holding Asher

You guys look good with 2 babies!

Asher sleeping

Cheers - Michelle N. Me and Emily

Daddy with Dayne


Daddy feeding Dayne with Carson's help

Mommy's with babes...Michelle N with David, Me with Carson and Dayne, Emily with....hey where is Asher?

Daddy's with babes...Jake w/Asher, Earl w/Carson & Dayne, Jeff w/David

Michelle N with Dayne, Me with Asher

Me with Asher

Michelle N wth Dayne

Emily and Earl excited to get some Cold Stone

We found a funny shirt stand. Should I get this and wear it to court for finalization? Probably not!

And Dayne can wear this!

Big day at MOA

Asher and Dayne

David, Asher, Dayne, Carson

Emily enjoying a 'Mommy Cocktail'

Asher in his elephant outfit

Emily, I have a secret!

Mommy with her sleepy boys

Emily showing how the LuckyBug carrier works with Dayne