4th of July 2008

We headed up North for the 4th of July. Earl's sister Tracy's boyfriend Russ's mom's boyfriend Dick and his family  (did you follow that) celebrate the 4th of July in a BIG way! Though...when we set out that day we didn't know we were going to crash their picnic. The weekend before Russ mentioned a parade in Eveleth MN to Earl and since Earl knows how much I love a parade he told me. I got online and found the parade started at 9:30am. Since Eveleth is over an hour from Grand Rapids and not so happy traveler (Dayne) had to make the trip North the day before we took Grandma Judy up on her offer to stay home with Dayne (we knew she wanted that one and one time with her newest grandson!). So at 8am we were on the road for the parade not knowing what else the day held!

Who know the Home of the Hockey Hall of Fame had so much to offer....a great parade and about 8 bars! I'm told that is life on the iron range! Tracy and Russ met up with us and enjoyed the parade and Carson got lots of candy. Then Russ asked if we wanted to go to Wabik which I later discovered is really Biwabik....."by where?" ha ha!    We got there just in time to see Dick's grandchildren...the Lundeen's in the kiddie parade. (if your are counting that is parade #2 of the day) We were invited to come over to Dick's and meet the family. Carson was very excited to find out all those kids on the boat in the parade were now his new friends to play with! Earl was excited that Russ had made kegs of beer. I enjoyed about 5 glasses off the keg myself...the keg of ROOTbeer! Homemade by Russ...very good!

We found out that there was yet another parade (our third of the day) at 7pm that night. I was aching for Dayne, so immediately following that parade we headed back to Grand Rapids and even got to see the neighbor's firework display! And baby Dayne was even up for bedtime cuddles!

Here are the photos from the day (click to enlarge)

Dayne's first 4th of July

Sweet as pie!

The same outfit Carson wore 6 years ago!

Waiting for the parade

Are we really waiting for candy at 9am?

Nothing says America like Chinese Wontons and an Egg Roll!


Aunt Tracy...when will the parade start?

Al! Al Franken!

Score! Super Bubble!

Electric Out Man!

Russ this is a great view!

World Largest Hockey Stick!

and puck!

French Fries and Flags!

Aunt Tracy is this the way to the prize tent for Silly String?

Look...the hockey stick and puck again!

Darth Vader Hockey Player

Mom I took these for you...advertising the Taco in a Bag Stand

Cute Signs!

The Lundeen Family Float...1st Prize!

Great Job!

Taco in a Bag

View inside

Dirty hands of a summer boy!

Are we in Stars Hollow?

Watch out Silly String is on the loose!

We crashed the Lundeen Family picnic where Carson made new friends

Russ's Homemade Rootbeer...yum!

This says summer!

Russ and Tracy in the Sprit of the 4th!

Ready for parade #3!

Check out Paul Bunyon

...and Babe in blue socks!

The family enjoying the parade!

Oh to be a Red Hat!

Iron (range) Chef...secret ingredient...Road Kill

This is a REAL NYFD engine

Classic Snowmobiles

On the way home we saw the fire planes that Grandpa Carson secured for the State while working for the DNR


Bedtime cuddles! Mommy is tired and sunburned!